The Glasgow Ladies 10k!

So anyway... I ran the ladies 10K in Glasgow on 4th June, short notice to keep a chum Julie company... Here is a list of smart and not so smart things I did in the lead up to it. Something for everyone I feel…

Smart: Went out running with Daniel Gerber the osteopath I work next to in The Glasgow Treatment Rooms, who, when running with him, likes to play games like, how tall can you make yourself whilst running? And, How quiet can you make your feet. This really helped to concentrate on these when I started to get tired.

Not smart: the furthest I had run in the lead up was 3K, I seriously do think in my head that I can just rock up and see what happens…

Smart: I wore a hat, 17 degrees WIT???? I managed to keep going but hit a wall at 8.5K, it was just too much!

Not smart: I didn't wear sunscreen. I have interesting lobster marks on my thighs.

Not smart: I didn't seamless shorts (Daniel we need to do shopping)

Smart: I wore thin socks

Preparation is everything. Including knowing what time it starts. I thought it was 10am. Nope. I 'm not sure if thats a smart or not smart thing though, parking was super easy and no queue for the toilets...

Also, tip from the top, use an anti dandruff shampoo as a shower gel if you have been super sweaty. That was sound advice from a GP as I do a lot of gym work that seals in all the juices sometimes. Attractive.