How I managed to set myself up to fail

Just recently, I got to thinking about how I am actually managing to talk myself in and out of situations, and setting myself up for failure.

Yup!  It's moments like this just that it can just creep on me, and I have an 'a ha!' moment and realise what I'm doing.

Every now and again, my sleep pattern is not good, either I can't get to sleep, or I keep waking up during up the night with a start.  So guess what I've been doing? Going to bed thinking 'I'm never going to get to sleep', or 'here we go again, another crap nights sleep'.  So guess what happens? Yup, you've guessed it.

So tonight, I will NOT do this.

I got to wondering what other situations this happens in.

I've got a super busy day ahead which I am looking forward to, but what I have decided NOT to do is say to myself, 'I'm going to be knackered by the end of the day', or 'How am I going to get through this'.

Positive mindset is an interesting concept, lets match that up with a positive expectation!  Winner!

Say to yourself, or write it down:

'I am ___________________' What ever you put next will come looking for you!

Have a great day, and a fabulous nights sleep.

Elizabeth x