Pregnancy Massage, FAQ's, and other misconceptions...

I love love love doing pregnancy massage.  Blowing my own trumpet for a minute, I think my unique selling point around this is my consistency.  My diary is up online, and you don't have to wait for a phone call back to book in. Help yourself!

I treat my pregnant ladies in a side lying position, and build a pillow mountain for them to sink into.  I guarantee that I won't play music that sounds like whales farting, and panpipes, and I have the temperature in the room set to 'just so'.  

The kind of massage that I do for my pregnancy ladies, is not a skin polish, but also not to be endured.  I don't beat people up. I am very good at judging exactly the amount of pressure a client will enjoy, and always check in to make sure they are happy.  Would you believe that massage is actually a very relaxing thing to do, and sometimes I have to remind myself to ask as I really do get into it!

The areas I work deepest into are the hips, lower back, and shoulders.  As a pregnancy progresses, sometimes the level of discomfort a client experiences day to day being pregnancy changes, because as baby puts weight on week by week, Mum-to-be gets a different workout.  
I also use a massage cream, and not an oil during the treatment, so my ladies never leave feeling like they have just been basted, or feel like they are covered in velcro when trying to get dressed.  There is a lot of chat around essential oils and pregnancy massage, I don't use any essential oils period. Sometimes I fragrance my room, but I am not an aromatherapist so I never apply them to the skin.  

The only reason that some essential oils are not recommended however, is because they can make a lady feel sick as a dog.  Case and point yesterday when I had a lovely lady in here who had gone off her favourite perfume. During pregnancy, your body is very busy building a human, but also your hormonal buildup changes, and smells you previously used to like, could start to make your stomach turn.  

There is nothing bad about massage for Mum or baby, and I quite regularly look after ladies right up until their due date.  If a client is happy getting on and off of a couch, then I am very happy to massage.

I am also a dab hand at helping ladies with Symphysis Pubis Disfunction.  I CAN'T cure it, but I can help manage it and show my client self care should it arise.  

I do hope you have found this information useful!  Feedback is always welcome to feel free to get involved.