Pregnancy Massage

Massage during a healthy pregnancy is perfectly safe, and more and more women are looking to holistic therapies to help them cope with the changes that their body is going through during pregnancy.

Your massage is done in a side lying position and I can show you some neat tricks with pillows to help you get super comfortable. I treat many athletes in a side lying position, so there is no compromise in the effectiveness of your massage.

It is a wonderful relaxing experience and soothes away any stress and pain, that hip, leg or back muscles may be experiencing as the pregnancy progresses.

As well as making you feel great, having the right kind of massage during pregnancy can also be particularly therapeutic, not only for you, but for your developing baby too. I have many years of experience in this delicate art and every massage I offer is carefully adapted for the particular stage of pregnancy you are at.

Specialist Pregnancy Massage

A specialist pregnancy massage can help to boost your energy levels, calm your body and your mind, help minimise stretch marks and keep your skin smooth and supple. It can help ease aches and pains too. It is quite common for mothers-to-be to develop tension in the shoulder, neck and back muscles, all of which take the strain of your growing abdomen, and massage can be invaluable in helping to release it. I will adapt the pressure I use during your massage to tailor your individual needs.

Feedback I've received from previous prenatal/pregnancy clients includes improved sleep patterns and feelings of calmness, some clients have even fallen asleep on the table. Very Relaxing!

I had a wonderful pregnancy massage with Elizabeth today. I was made to feel welcome and Elizabeth put me at ease with her warm personable manner.

She gave me some great advice with regards to sleeping positions and ideas to enhance my existing pillow fort when I sleep!

The massage itself was deep and relaxing her pressure was perfect and I felt extremely relaxed afterwards. I can already feel the benefits and I’m looking forward to returning for another massage soon.
— Emma G via Facebook