FAQs about getting a massage



What are your prices?

A 1 hour massage appointment is £46
A 2 hour massage appointment is £86

On the drop down box when you book, you will see Hot Stone and also Pregnancy Massage listed separately. This is just so that I get a heads up on what you are booking in for and I can set the room up.

What happens when I arrive at The Glasgow Treatment Rooms?

There is a switch with my name on it, please click it, which makes a light come on in my room to let me know you are here. I may be just finishing up with a client, so once I have set my room back up, I’ll come and get you.

What happens during my appointment?

Before we start, I will go through your consultation form with you, then I step out of the room to let you get ready. At the end of the treatment, I will again step out to let you get dressed. This is all included in your appointment time.

For a 1 hour massage appointment you can expect 45- 50 minutes of bodywork
For a 2 hour massage appointment you can expect 1 hr 45-50 minutes of bodywork

What will happen on my first visit?

During a first visit, I need to go through your consultation form with you, and ask any relevant questions to that we both have a clear picture of the discomfort you are experiencing and how I plan to help you. I try to get my clients onto the massage table as quickly as possible. I may need to chat with you for a bit longer on a first visit, but subsequent visits may mean I can shorten the amount of time we talk before your massage, as I know your history.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Gift vouchers are easily bought on my website using the Paypal shop on the home page.

The vouchers are a physical product. I assign a code to each one, and post them out to the address supplied when you make your purchase. I get an email with all the details (not your credit card!) such as your email address and the postal address to send it to. The address registered with the bankcard you use is normally the one that gets assigned as the postal address, if you want it sent somewhere different, you’ll need to send me a separate email on info@elizabethbandeen.co.uk.

I would like a sports/remedial massage, but can’t see it listed?

Just book in for how long you would like your appointment to be. The reason I don’t list them separately is because it can confuse clients, not knowing which one to ask for. I don’t need advance notice on this as you are an individual, and so is your treatment. What could feel like deep tissue massage to one person, may feel like a skin polish to another.

Whatever the reason for your visit, be it an injury, just a maintenance massage, or you have been competing and need to relieve aching muscles, we talk briefly beforehand, going through your consultation form, and take it from there.

Your appointment is YOUR appointment, and it’s super important you feel like you get what you need. I want to reach that sweet spot between not making you feel like you have been beaten up, but also, that you feel that that you have had a massage and not just a skin polish.

What happens when it’s time for me to get ready for my massage?

I will ask you to go down to level of undress that you feel comfortable with, and I will ask you to lie on the massage table under the top sheet, I will guide you through this step so that you feel totally comfortable about what happens, and I will step out of the room to allow you to get ready.

You will be completely covered up, and I only expose the part I am working on, for example, working on one leg, I will keep the other covered up. I will always tell you what I am doing and why.

By the way, my massage table is heated. Winner. I once had a massage when I was lying on the table under towels and I was so so cold! I only do for my clients what I like to get done myself.

How often should I get a massage?

That depends entirely on you! If I am working through an injury or a problem with you, I may make a suggestion of when to return. Sometimes, 2 visits close together can literally knock the problem on the head, and then you can leave it for a few months afterwards. It is all very individual.

If you are a corporate athlete, my suggestion is that if you are not dealing with an injury, checking in for massage between 3-4 times a year might be good for you.

Will you be able to make a diagnosis?

In short, no!

Massage therapists are not allowed to diagnose, it is totally out with my remit, I can give you a best guess as to what is wrong for example ‘I think your neck pain is possibly due to tension between your shoulder blades’ when I am working on you, but diagnosing conditions is something I don’t do.

I treat muscles, and muscle tension. If I suspect that you need to up the ante in terms of treatment, I can refer you onto a colleague, for example, Daniel Gerber, who is the osteopath I work with at The Glasgow Treatment Rooms. Osteopaths are medically trained and CAN diagnose.

Do you use essential oils?

No I don’t, as I am not an aromatherapist. I use massage wax by a brand called Songbird Naturals, called Tui Wax. Sometimes I might use the orange scented one, but it is very subtle. You can visit the Songbird Naturals website to see a full list of ingredients if required.

When I do the facial massage however, I break out the big guns and use this lovely facial oil blended right here in Glasgow by a good friend of mine, Jo Laxton. She owns a salon called 33 Dowanhill. If you had any allergies to scents I can just use the unscented massage wax on your face. I have used it several times myself and it doesn’t clog up the skin, I just use the facial oil because of the active ingredients in it for moisturising, and giving the skin a boost. And it smells divine.