What type of massage do you need?

Follow this choose-your-own adventure to decide:

I have tension in my neck and shoulders and feel like there are knots
Sports/Remedial massage is the best choice if you feel this way. I will do a consultation with you to establish where the problem is, and how you want to feel after your massage. It does go a whole lot deeper but I will not work beyond your tolerance level.

I have an injury or work related pain
Book in for a Sports/Remedial Massage. This massage is very specific and if you have an injury, or decreased mobility that is all we will concentrate on.

I have neck and back pain
During your consultation I will help you work out why have pain, and help you make positive steps to overcome it. Sports/Remedial Massage works best here. After your massage, I will advise on active after care, and if need be, refer you to trusted specialist if the problem proves to be more dysfunctional than just muscle pain.

I just want to relax and de stress
Choose from Swedish or Hot Stones Massage for a full body treatment, or Reflexology for a calming, balancing experience. Please read the descriptions in full on their respective pages.

I have never had a massage before
Book in for a Swedish Massage. Every massage is bespoke. The pressure is different for every client, but if you book in for Swedish I know that there are no deep seated problems and you just want to relax.