Testimonials from my wonderful clients


Helping out a busy self employed lady....

Elizabeth is incredible! Have been suffering with neck pain for three months and she sorted me out this afternoon - I can actually turn my head now! She recommended some good pillows to buy (which I did, they're inexpensive too) and was just brilliant, friendly and really informative. I can't wait to come back, thank you.

T Koslowski

Helping out a client with long standing shoulder pain...

I just want to say it's been 2 months since my back/shoulder has felt this good, I wish I found you sooner! Highly recommended Thanks again

R, Dock. Glasgow

Helping a very busy man stay match fit for life...

For 3 days my back was killing me - it came completely out of the blue & I could barely walk or stand! I was worried as I was hosting a business event the next evening! My friend saw me in pain & said, 'You need to go see Elizabeth - she's a magician'! Luckily he already had an appointment booked which he kindly let me take, as he saw how much I was suffering! After just one session, I walked out feeling like I had a new back! I literally skipped & danced as I went to meet my wife straight afterwards! Elizabeth is certainly a magician! I've been recommending her to everyone since & she'll always be my first port of call in the future!

Osmaan Sharif, Glasgow

Helping a client with foot pain (plantar fasciitis)

I've been seeing Liz for a number of years. Most recently on a visit I mentioned to her how sore my feet were. I have struggled with plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis for 20 odd years and the constant pain in both feet and ankles has a big impact on my life. Since this amazing creature is up for any challenge she taped up first my right side and then the next week taped up both. Since then I am delighted to report that my right foot is now pain free - I had previously reached the stage that I would crawl on my hands and knees across the lounge floor rather than put any weight on it at all. My left achilles is still a bit stiff but it is now also virtually painless. This, for me, is nothing short of miraculous and has already made a HUGE difference to my quality of life. Liz Bandeen is a shiny, shiny star and I cannot thank her enough for the massive difference this has made to me - I am renewed!!!!!!!!!! B Price, Glasgow



Helping a client prepare for the Stirling Marathon in May 2017

Hi Elizabeth, I just wanted to send a message to say a huge thank you for the fantastic massage on Friday. My legs were feeling so fresh that I practically bounced down Buchanan Street to catch the bus :) After a rubbish long run last weekend, I was out running by 8am on Saturday and could tell straight away that it was going to be a good run. I set myself the goal of 18/19 miles, however with fresh legs from the massage I managed just over 20 miles - and at a much better pace than the previous week! S Molloy, Glasgow

A Facebook Review from a Pregnancy Massage Client

I had a wonderful pregnancy massage with Elizabeth today. I was made to feel welcome and Elizabeth put me at ease with her warm personable manner. She gave me some great advice with regards to sleeping positions and ideas to enhance my existing pillow fort when I sleep! The massage itself was deep and relaxing her pressure was perfect and I felt extremely relaxed afterwards. I can already feel the benefits and I'm looking forward to returning for another massage soon. Thanks again E Gair, Glasgow

Very kind words from a client who had nerve pattern pain. Ouch!

Hi Elizabeth, I have been meaning to message you for a good few weeks now. I want to say a MASSIVE thank you :) I don't know if you remember me, I came to you for a pregnancy massage as I had severe suspected sciatic pain. About 1 week after the massage the pain was no more! I honestly couldn't believe it, and can only describe what you did as a miracle. I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

A new client who came to see me...

I've had a couple of massages with Elizabeth and each time I come out feeling about 3 inches taller. As well as being a fabulous masseuse, she's also very lovely! C May, Glasgow

Hot Stone Massage Client

Had a an amazing hot stone massage today by the lovely Elizabeth left feeling like a new woman would highly recommend to anyone. Amazing service from a lovely lady S Ward, Glasgow

Another new client kind enough to leave a review

Best massage I have ever had. Fixed my back problem and so friendly and welcoming . Thank you Elizabeth . J Dawson, Glasgow

Kinds words from a client that I am helping recover from a palsy

Elizabeth really is the most marvelous massage and reflexology therapist. She seems to know instinctively exactly what your body needs. Elizabeth has used her skills and expertise to help me greatly on many occasions and I recommend her to you wholeheartedly. M Trivasse, Glasgow

Lovely text message from a client after easing tension in the face, focusing on the jaw.

Hi Elizabeth This might sounds weird but my jaw feels like it is floating on air! Hasn't felt this good in God knows how long. You're a star! J Chittick, Glasgow

A lovely email from a client after I had a stern word with her lower back pain.

Just to let you know that the pain in my back has almost fully gone and normal sleep pattern has resumed 😜. My legs are still a bit sore but they are also easing. Thanks sooo much for everything (pain included). D Cassidy (Not David), Glasgow

Pregnancy Massage!

Dear Elizabeth, Thank you so much for my lovely massage today. I cannot believe how much better my pregnant pelvis & left gluteal muscles feel after only one session. You are an absolute wizard . Keep doing what you're doing as you're amazing. Kindest thanks, C Maguire. Glasgow

As if by magic! A lovely review after a deep tissue facial massage

Hi Elizabeth, I had to write to you because this morning I looked in the mirror and my face/skin actually looked good/different and I was confused. I was trying to figure out what I had done or put on it. I was going through everything in my head to retrace the steps and understand why it looked different, then I realised it must have been your face massage/facial. It sounds cheesy, like those too good to be true adverts, but I am in genuine disbelief! I couldn't sleep till 5 am last night, so today when I got up I was just glancing in the mirror...then had a double take! You're magic! J Unicorn

Easing off aches and pains...

Absolutely fantastic massage! I feel a stone lighter, and can move my upper body more freely now. I highly recommend Elizabeth. She's a miracle worker S Smyth, Glasgow

Just generally making someone feel a whole lot better...

Had a brilliant massage on Saturday morning. Got all my sore spots sorted and had a right laugh into the bargain. Have been feeling six inches taller and a whole lot more mobile all weekend! J, Hood. Glasgow

Helping a busy lady with back discomfort

Visited Elizabeth yesterday and left so much lighter! Expected my back to be a little sore afterword but surprising no pain at all The best back massage I have ever had Thank you to this fabulous lady I will visit again and maybe get a little facial too L Dott, Glasgow

Helping out a client with shoulder and neck discomfort..

You have literally and figuratively lifted a weight from my shoulders! And I haven't laughed like that in ages G Hunter, Glasgow

Helping a client with a busy mind!

Hi Elizabeth, I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed the massage on Friday. It really was superb. I've slept like a log the last three nights and I feel as if someone had given me an extra lung! Thanks again! K Gallagher, Glasgow

Helping a client with shoulder pain...

I just wanted to thank you for the massage on Saturday. My shoulder has been feeling a lot less tense then usual so I am getting a lot of benefit from what you did. it was great to speak to a therapist with an understanding of anatomy. Thanks for all your help. K Crines, Glasgow

Pregnancy Massage Testimonial...

....I'm just sitting and cannot express how much better my back feel after today! You are a superstar! Thank you so much! N Faulds, Glasgow

Training for Hamburg Marathon

Hi Elizabeth, thank you so much my my massage today. I feel like the proverbial millions $s!! Now looking forward to my run tomorrow and to next week’s marathon! Cheers! D. Paton, Glasgow

Helping out a Crossfitter....

Hi Elizabeth, I got back to weightlifting yesterday. I did the exercises that you suggested along with the ones I had been doing previously. There is no noticeable discomfort doing snatch however I'm still to try clean and jerk! Thank you for sorting out my injury woes! I'll be sure to pop in again sometime soon and send anyone I know your way! N Kenneth, Glasgow

L Murphy, Glasgow

Hi Elizabeth Wanted to let you know that after my massage with you last week my arm is feeling sooooo much better. I did an upper body workout on Saturday using light weights and there was still a wee twinge in the bicep area but other than that the general movement is much improved and the aching feeling I had all day long has gone. Woohoo! Thanks very much and I'll be booking in to see you again in a few weeks time.

H Jones, Glasgow

To not be from the Glasgow area and in need of release from pain this woman really knew how to help! Very friendly and absolutely amazing at her job! So glad I found her and would recommend her to anyone! Thank you so much!

J Broadfoot, Glasgow

I find it hard to believe I have not written a review here before but I must say a big public thank you for today. You had your work cut out making me feel alive again... and you did it. Thank you so much

LR Kristensen, Glasgow- Massage Glasgow

Just want to say thanks for what you do. I always feel so amazing after been with you and my back feel so much better!! And you do it so good since I can stay there because normally I really don't like people give me massage because I don't feel so uncomfortable. So thank you so much I really, I really appreciate it!!

F Ramsay, Glasgow

Hi Elizabeth I came to see you for a muscle problem in my calf about Christmas time. We didn't really know what was wrong, but you did your 'voodoo' and it has never given me problems again. I ran in the Kilomathon 6.55km yesterday and was 29th out of 104 runners, for my first race ever. Thank you so much!

K Taylor, Glasgow- Massage Glasgow

I just wanted to get in touch to say thank you for my wonderful massage (first appointment) with you on Wednesday this week. I had a wonderful sleep (as you said I would) & felt a bit like I'd had a workout the next morning but in a good way. The aches & pains I have on a daily basis were gone & I was much more spritely than usual the next morning! With my bad posture, heavy laptop bag & excess weight it's inevitable that the pains will return but someone taking them away for a bit is the best feeling in the world so I just wanted to say a massive thank you & that I've had close to 100 massages in my time & yours was by far the best!

Thanks George Clark.

Just to let you know that the massage that you gave me on Saturday has really helped with my back ache. I have slept very well ever since. I will definitely come back and see you for another session soon.

Thank you, KM.

Consider me cracked! The insight, relaxation and wellness I get from working with Elizabeth is second to none. Elizabeth has a knowledge that assists and takes your curiosity to a whole new level. She is not purely giving you a massage as a transactional service; it is evident that she is thinking about what is best for you, what will assist you in your day to day life - beyond the session. As a business owner this is a regular meeting I schedule to keep me at the top of my game. I have never ever ever relaxed as much as when I have a reflexology session with Elizabeth. Priceless.

R Waters, Glasgow

Thanks so much for your wee newsletters... I can't tell you the difference it makes getting positive but realistic takes on how to make yourself and your life better! I came in for a back massage about 4 weeks ago (following a nasty kidney infection!) and it did take about another week or so after that for the back pain, whether it was muscular or not to fully subside, but I definitely think it helped. So thank you very much! Been trying some of the hamstring bends before I've been out walking/running too. Will be along again soon! You're a gem.

L Towers, Glasgow

I first met Liz when pregnant with my second child. She worked wonders on my pregnancy aches and pains, creating a peaceful 'time-out' space for me in between working full-time and looking after a toddler. All the usual pregna ncy problems of sore back, heavy legs and total physical (plus some mental!) exhaustion were present when I walked in - and gone when I left. I was completely relaxed. What a treat! Liz then gave me a wonderful post-baby treatment which was much needed to alleviate the usual sleepless nights and general fatigue that most postpartum mums experience. Added in to the mix was the development of a chronic disease that had emerged throughout my pregnancy. Liz gave me a wonderful rejuvenating treatment which made me feel refreshed, relaxed and able to face these challenges. Since then I have returned to work full time, upped my activity levels and am running around after a three and a one year old. Talk about busy - I never knew life could be such a whirlwind! Now that I'm back running on a regular basis, with not always enough time to stretch out as I should (ahem, excuses, excuses!) and a tendency to go out too fast, too far, too hard, too soon I have returned to Liz. She has sorted out niggles like tight hamstrings, stiff shoulders and knotted calves, with great results. This girl works wonders! I can't recommend Liz highly enough for a tailored massage treatment which has met my needs at various stages in my life. A little bit of luxury in a busy life which is great value for money and definitely improves the quality of life. Thanks Liz!

Guy Ramsay, coach at the Griphouse MMA gym, Glasgow.

I have a very physical job as a fightsport coach and sparring partner to a professional team. At 44 years of age, my body started to pay the price for years of competing and training....checking in with Elizabeth has been a career saver. I have never felt better as an athlete since I began regular massage sessions. I've had a lot of contact time with various massage practitioners over the years, all have been eclipsed by Elizabeth. Can't recommend highly enough.

R Fyvie. Glasgow- Massage Glasgow

After the massage yesterday, I found myself running up the stairs at Central station without thinking about it! Walking soooo much better today, psychologically on top of the world (aye, metaphorically). Booked for next week. Thanks, kid!