Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is, quite frankly, fabulous!

I use Basalt stones which have great heat retention quality. The heat from the stones transfers to my hands, and I then massage the client. Once the stones have cooled down slightly I can then begin to massage the client with the stones which gives a much deeper all over movement than just using my hand.

The benefits of the Hot Stone Massage are:

  • Relaxation

  • De-stressing

  • Warming

  • Ease muscle tension

  • Feels lovely!

I integrate Hot Stone Massage with Swedish/Deep Tissue moves and the end result is a very warm feeling from the core, a great treatment any time of the year but particularly during the winter months.

I do have a thorough consultation with the client prior to this treatment as there are some contraindications where this treatment would not be ideal, for example, high blood pressure, or during pregnancy

From start to finish this was a fantastic experience. The deep heat of the stones really soothed all my aches and pains, especially as I have been wearing my shoulders as earrings recently!

Elizabeth appears to have this instinctive ability to know exactly where and when, more or less pressure is needed. She is very talented and confident in her skill, and this definitely comes across in her massage.
— Lee S via Yelp