Privacy Policy

The Information I collect

When you book an appointment with me, or purchase a service, I collect your name, address and date of birth as these identify you as an individual. When you fill in your consultation form, I also ask questions about relevant medical history, hobbies, and activities, as these provide me with an overall picture of lifestyle that may be impact your massage experience. I do not use this personal information unless I need to contact you with regard to an appointment you have made, or a service purchased. 

If required by law, I may disclose this information. 


When filling out my online booking form to make an appointment or purchase a service, you are giving me permission to gather the information you supply. I will not use this information for any marketing purposes unless consent has been given. 

Withdrawing Consent 

I am required for my own insurance purposes, to keep client notes for 7 years. Inactive client notes will be destroyed by myself, 7 years after your last treatment. You have the right to withdraw consent at any time. If you request this I will archive your notes from my main data, not use your details at any time, and destroy them 7 years after your last treatment. 

Amending Information 

You have the right to amend personal information you have given me, or to review it to ensure accuracy. If you wish to do so please email me on 

Storage of Data 

When booking an appointment with me, I use Acuity which has an encrypted storage system. Updates are regularly carried out on this system to ensure security. 

Gift Vouchers

When you buy a gift voucher online, or paying my credit card, the system I use is PayPal which is encrypted and security is regularly updated. I store a record of the name and address of a purchaser for gift voucher purchases , with a code so that the gift voucher can be traced in the event of loss or theft. This information is stored electronically in a secure cloud. I do NOT store credit/debit card details, as this is information held only by the third party (PayPal) I use to manage my credit card sales. 

 Payment by Credit/Debit Card 

The system I use is PayPal and I do not have access to Credit/Debit card details. It is advised to review the privacy policy of PayPal should you require further information.

Changes to this Privacy Policy 

This privacy policy was written following the GDPR guidelines set out by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). I reserve the right to change, amend, or update this policy to ensure accuracy. Questions and Contact information Should you have any questions about this privacy policy, or any of the subjects