Swedish Massage

Stress does different damage to all of us. Some of us suffer from locked necks and tight shoulders, others complain of tummy upsets or congested skin, and sometimes headaches or fatigue.

The massage starts with a consultation to establish how you are feeling, and how you would like to feel after your massage, and using the right blend of pressure paired with where to concentrate on, I create a bespoke massage.

I guarantee you will float around for days afterwards!

What my clients say about my Swedish massage:

I’m writing this in my post-massage state which means I’m feeling all light, floaty and a teeny bit spaced out. I feel calmer than I have in days and my muscles are all “thank you so much!”
— Gordon M via Yelp

Frequently asked questions

What happens when I arrive?

There is a switch with my name on it, please click it, which makes a light come on in my room to let me know you are here. I may be just finishing up with a client, so once I have set my room back up, I’ll come and get you. Whilst you are waiting there is a consultation form for you to fill in.

What happens during the massage?

I will ask you to go down to level of undress that you feel comfortable with, and I will ask you to lie on the massage table under the top sheet, I will guide you through this step so that you feel totally comfortable about what happens. I’ll step out of the room to allow you to get ready in your own time.

You will be completely covered up, and I only expose the part I am working on, for example, working on one leg, I will keep the other covered up. I will always tell you what I am doing and why.

By the way, my massage table is heated. Winner.