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Old's Cool. Old School

How can we age well?

There are so many articles out there about “healthy ageing”, but most of them are bizarrely vague. Like ads for menstrual products or incontinence, they seem to be convinced that we’d all run away screaming if they actually mentioned what ageing is actually like, so we’re left with commercials of silver-haired couples taking romantic strolls on the beach, senior women lifting two-pound weights in yoga pants, and similarly-aged men mowing the lawn and looking purposefully at the horizon.

Heavy Metal (lifting it)

have had a pretty varied life in terms of how I keep fit and healthy.

Once upon a time, it was 2 hour aerobic and step classes in Aberdeen, wearing outfits that looks like I should be using them to floss my teeth (thongs I tell you!!! Thongs!!!), then it was weightlifting following a manual written by Gladys Portuguese, then it was hanging out with boyfriends that were bad for my health and nightclubbing far too much, then it was the boyfriend who used to pick a fight with me when we were out running so I would pick up the pace, shouting, 'come back here and say that you b*stard!'