Massage in the City of Glasgow

Hello, I'm Elizabeth and I am an exceptional massage therapist based at The Glasgow Treatment Rooms, in the City Centre of Glasgow.

Quite simply, I am here for you.

I look after people just like you. Here's the good news You are not doing anything wrong. We all need a certain amount of tension in our body to keep us upright, but too much tension, and your body will very quickly let you know that it's not happy by either restricting movement, or making any kind of movement uncomfortable.

You need some me time.

I effectively treat: back, neck and shoulder discomfort, find solutions to ease tension headaches, and get to the root cause of lower back pain.

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Massage Method

My massage method consistently, and strategically opens up new conversations between your brain and your body, tapping into your vitality and helping to create balance. It's a bit ironic that in order to protect an area of your body, your brain will put a muscle into spasm or tighten it up! That's where I come in I blend effective sports massage know-how with aesthetic expertise into exactly the kind of therapeutic massage you need.

Here is a quick guide to my website. You will find:

  • A convenient online booking system that you can use 24/7
  • Real life testimonials clients have been kind enough to forward to me. Great feedback.
  • A brief description of all the modalities I am trained in, and have studied.
  • An About Me page where you can learn more about my qualifications, and my Star Wars addiction

I provide massage solutions to ease tension, stress, and discomfort in your body, delivering confidence, re assurance and proper massage in the City of Glasgow.

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