Sports & remedial massage

Sports massage

Sports massage is a specific area of massage therapy that has been developed to enhance sports performance. Sports massage is ideal for the weekend athlete as well as the professional athlete. Sports Massage and Remedial Massage are much of the same thing. The proper term would be to describe it as Remedial Massage for Sport.

Remedial massage

Remedial techniques are incorporated into a massage treatment to help improve the range of motion, as well as deal with injuries and postural problems. Received regularly, sports massage can prevent injury and also improve recovery time from overuse of muscles after competing in an event.

Sports/Remedial Massage is a form of massage that works on releasing the restriction of deeper, muscles, tendons and ligaments. It is used by many massage therapists, physical therapists, and osteopaths. When your body is tense and rigid, a superficial massage will do nothing to put things right. Instead, what you need is something that really unlocks the muscle tension. Sports/Remedial Massage works skeletally and gets into the stiff spots behind your shoulder blades, deep in the front of your hips and inside your elbows. There is very little chance of falling asleep during this massage is it is seriously intensive, but the pleasure of having the pain and tension released from your racked and aching body outweighs any discomfort.

If I need to draw on remedial massage techniques during your treatment, I will, but I will always talk you through what I am doing and why I am doing it. Deep tissue and sports method massage is not something to be endured. My massage method is effective without beating you up.

Elizabeth is a fantastic therapist. Puts you at ease straight away, very friendly and knowledgeable.

If you hit the gym on a regular basis then Elizabeth knows all the spots to target and has some fantastic advice to give to help improve your weightlifting and your flexibility. Well worth a visit!
— Andrew R via Google