Sugar Rush!

It started on my day off last Tuesday when I met a friend for coffee (chocolate brownie - gluten free), then another friend came round to mine in the afternoon,  I went to Greggs before hand (2 fudge donuts, 2 muffins).  My friend ate half a muffin.  I ate the rest.  I can inhale fudge donuts.  Oops.  Then, one of the girls I train with baked a victoria sponge.   Could I refuse? No.  The reason I am confessing is, I get it 80% right most weeks with making good food choices, last week however, I think I reversed the equation!  That's ok, i'm good with that.  I enjoyed it.  Do I have guilt?  Not really.  More of an awareness.  If I kept that up, I could really do it properly and give myself a month long food hangover. 

If you are going to do something, do it properly.

This week I am well and truly back in the saddle, so to speak.  It's great to break out every now and again, but, as my esteemed colleague Trevor said, after we sampled one of the new burger joints but a stones throw from our treatment rooms, "this kind of food should be rationed".  Yup.