My Top 5 Tips of Small Changes to Make a Huge Difference

Tried and tested by yours truly.  Here is my Top 5 things I know for sure in managing my health.  Sometimes we all just need an idea, some motivation, and willpower.

To quote Maya Angelou "When you know better, you do better"

1. Food prep like a boss, make my own lunches and snacks and take them to work.  Stay away from the bread monster. I get a food hangover and feel like falling asleep if I eat bread,

2. Drink more water.  However much you think you drink, make an effort to get some more down your neck, especially sitting at work concentrating!  The days that I remember to make an effort, it makes such a difference to my vitality.

3. Stand up from your desk often, a good reason would be to go and get more water!

4. Reclaim your lunch hour!  It's very easy to fall into the culture of just eating at your desk, not taking your full time out, and continuously checking your emails and phone when you should be having some rest time.  

5.  Plan in your exercise for the day, even better, plan it with a friend!  Social responsibility is fabulous!  I love weight training, and if I don't turn up, I have 5 people texting me wondering where I was.  Plus, I will have missed out on some seriously good banter. for corporate athletes who concentrate hard all day, I cannot recommend enough the value of doing the complete opposite for at least 30 minutes a day, keep mobile, go play! I have a client who does hula hoop every morning for 5  minutes and she's got one of the best waistlines ever!

Hope you find this useful, comments are appreciated!

Be fabulous