Zing With The New!

So! A huge welcome to all my new clients who ticked the YES box to be included in my musings....

I had a really great conversation today with a fabulous woman called Katrina Mather.  Katrina owns and runs a retreat called The Body Toolkit, and it does what it says on the tin.  Anything to do with your wellness, Katrina has sound advice to hand and what can only be described as good old fashioned common sense when it comes to looking after yourself.  We had a very honest discussion about how easy it is to get into a pattern of self loathing, feeling bad about what i've just eaten, what I've just drank, eating peanut butter from the jar with a spoon.  Nope.  Lying.  Don't feel guilty about that one at all!  In all seriousness though, if you are going to make any kind of resolution, make it this.  Be kind to yourself.  Realise what doesn't make you feel good about yourself, and either don't eat it so often, or stay away from it, and drink lots of water.  When you catch yourself slagging yourself off, think on this, what would you say if a friend came to you saying those things about themselves? Katrina is in my eyes, a wellness warrior.  Investigating her website is totally worth it for inspiration on how you can help yourself to wellness and having a healthier digestive system. www.thebodytoolkit.com

In other news....Home grown talent in ABUNDANCE!

Who would have thought that there was a make up artist, with her own brand, AND her own magazine right here in our fair city of Glasgow?  Cue Sara Hill... Make up for grown ups as she calls it.  As usual i'll put a link at the end of this for you to click onto and drool over the products.  Prepare to be amazed, and develop and penchant for glitter.... www.sarahill.com

My second great find this month (and its only the 5th) came after a client  and friend of mine ,Briony, turned up with for her appointment with a fabulous new pair of glasses, then she told me that they only cost £65 including the lenses.... Wit? Enter Stage Right....IOLLA up in the Finnieston area.  They are not an optician.  They are a fashion store for frames and lenses.  So basically, you go there with your prescription, or you can sign a consent form for them to call where you got your eyes tested, and they'll get it for you.  Then you browse around the shop trying on one of the 27 styles they have, each in four colours and finish, and ta-dah!   Colette managing the shop side of things and was super helpful giving me a very honest yes or no to what I tried on.  I was done and dusted in 15 minutes though.  No messing about.  Joy ,upon Joy.  Beautiful shop.  Anything that has carvings of stags heads and tartan gets my vote.


So, last month I mentioned quite a bit about Yoga.  I will always always promote that as a go to for fabulous back health and all over wellbeing, but this month I'm going to go the other way, and give a mention to getting a great 20 minute sweat session.  I came to me today when I was shopping in Aldi (where, a couple of months ago, I came out with all my fresh fruit and veg, and a wet suit. Whats not to like?) I saw a Jillian Michaels DVD (that person from The Biggest Loser) for £3.99 and in my search for doing cardio a couple of times a week, but looking for solutions closer to home, I got to thinking about YouTube.  Crikey!  My challenge to you is this.  Watch another episode of whatever on Netflix, versus being active for 20 minutes.  Put Jillian Michaels into the search bit on YouTube and the amount of free  workouts at your fingertips is astounding!  I do have a deep seated hate of cardio so i didn't want anything high impact, but I can assure you that I managed to mess myself up good and proper with a pair of 2.5K hand weights.  I chose level 2 of the 30 day Shred and I'm going to do it twice a week in addition to my weight training.  I'll report back... ( there are also great Yoga and pilates workouts on there too by the way... depends what your goal is?)

So anyway!  i'm going to wrap things up here but here is my bullet point list that you can get stuck into, or not.

Be kind to yourself

Dig out your slow cooker to make soup

Smile as much as you can ( including with your liver, brownie points if you can name that movie)

Walk around as if you have a logo on your T-shirt you are showing off

remind yourself that it's getting lighter by 3 minutes every day...

You've got this!