Why did the runner cross the road?

So, just to get right into it... I had a client in who is an experienced Marathon distance runner, anything to do with running lore, and this man has seen it, done it, got the T shirt, club tie, medal and sweatband...

In conversation he asked me if I had recently run the Ladies 10K in our fair city of Glasgow, and I said that I hadn't because I had been suffering from knee pain, and that during a run my knee was seizing up.. the conversation went thus

'Are you still running Liz?'


'Do you always do the same route?'

'Just about...'

'Same side of the pavement?'

'Pretty much...'

'Change direction... I bet your knee pain decreases'

So anyway, I missed this memo but... did you know that pavements have a camber (slight tilt) to them to let rain water drain away to the roadside gutters? Obvious huh?  And yet at no point has it ever crossed my mind that this would have a bearing on my running pattern... vary the route, cross the road, go round the part a different way.


Give it a go and let me know how you get on... I went out running this morning, same route, but I crossed the road.  Zero knee pain.