Ideas for reducing stress...

This month, I have had the pleasure of helping clients who have decided to build in massage to their stress management programme.  In this age of not being to fully switch off, and the blessing/curse that is the smart phone, I have noticed an increase in the difficulty people have at not just work/life balance, but indeed work/life separation.

Here's a motivating factor if you ever needed one.... Stress increases the levels of cortisol in out bodies, and cortisol can make you hang onto body fat!!!! Whaaaaat!  No way!  As I said, if you ever needed a motivator.....

So here's my list of serious and also fun stuff to do..

  • Think Teflon, not Velcro, don't let problems/worries/issues and other peoples sh*t stick to you.  Have a  think…

  • When you are on holiday, make Auto responder your new best friend.  I have a client who's message reads thus

  • 'Please be advised that I do not engage in work emails after 8pm, and never at the weekend.  If I am your boss, I suggest you follow my lead'.  Genius.

  • Listen to music.  There is nothing that a bit of Def Leppard can't cure.

  • Go out walking with your head phones on

  • Listen to a stand up comedian pod cast

  • Do you ever find yourself listening to a friend and thinking... 'I wish I could do that'.  DO IT!  Go do that thing!

  • Hang out with funny people.

Report back and let me know how you get on.

Go get 'em tiger...