Start as you mean to go on...

I kinda have two keywords that have been in my head lately, thinking about the year ahead.



Drop It.

First up, Freedom: Freeing up my mind, freedom from the past, freedom from bullsh*t.  I've had a real backlash against bulls*t for the last few months, and freeing myself up from certain people, freeing myself up from negativity, from any show of not walking the talk, nope, I'm outta here.  

When I say not walking the talk, this can also come from having negative self talk too.  If you don't like a song on the radio or something you are watching on the TV, you change the channel, right?

We are not defined by the past, we are prepared by it.  As you move forward, and if you have made a real promise to yourself to change whatever it is, go for it.  The reason it's called the past, is because it's over. Step into your new way.

Drop it: dropping what doesn't work in your life anymore.

If you keep old stuff in your fridge, it begins to smell real bad, and you get rid of it, and clean out the fridge, sometimes our heads need the same treatment! If you hang onto to old thought patterns that don't serve you well, rehearsing your failures, thinking about negative things that have come to pass, it takes up valuable space for great stuff to get in!  

A dear friend of mine gave me a booked for my Christmans called Hygge - The Danish Way to Live Well.  It's a good read, but then I got to thinking, how about writing my own version of that and sticking to it? Stuff I enjoy doing, having unproductive time not doing a task but simply reading a book or watching a great movie, or reconnecting with friends, making invites along the lines of  'Hey, lets go do this...'.If there is one thing I love doing its putting pen to paper, making lists, and mapping out exactly what makes me feel great. Give it a whirl, what's not to like?

I do hope that however you start you New Year, that it's full of hope, excitement, hot chocolate, good books, the health of friends and family, the joy of it getting lighter by 3 minutes every day (that's 15 minutes a week), and not beating yourself up with shoulda, woulda, coulda.  

Go get 'em tiger