Go Get 'em Tiger!

I was fortunate enough to shoot the breeze over exotic tea, with a good friend, talking about 'life', and this one is inspired by her.  Thank you LC.

Do you have that 'one big thing' that you really want? New job, New house, tidier bedroom, more organised kitchen, better health, better sleep, improved fitness,  this is just me spouting off the top of my head but pretty much every day I hear, 'I'm not very good at.....' or 'I should be better at...'

Whats your 'thing'?

And here's the biggy.... what have, or are you doing, about it?  Our conversation went along the lines of, it's not going to happen by itself, Whatever it is, you have to put a positive intention out there, let the universe (fairy bucket alert) know what you want, and commit yourself to it.  How many times have you heard a good chum perhaps say that they don't enjoy their job. Do you A) say, oh yeah, me neither or B) say, cool! What do you want to do instead? Whats your dream? I promise you I haven't watched Pretty Woman in along time.... honest.

Meet it halfway.

That thing you desire, whatever it is.  Meet it halfway. Make that promise to yourself.  

I was recently out with another good chum, another inspirational chat, and I didn't want to use the 'Resolution' word because...meh.

Instead I asked, What have you promised yourself this year?  It just opened the door on the subject so much wider. Making a promise to yourself, sounds kind.  It sounds hopeful, and exciting. To me it does anyway.

The big message here is indeed, don't sit and wait for that magical thing or feeling to turn up, if you are not going to do anything about it, it doesn't work that way!  Be bold, speak up, make a decision, and get excited about it. No one ever said that it's easy, but everyone says it's worth it.

I'm going to making waves, and be up to no good this year, some of it will be quiet, others I will make a noise about.

Watch this space!

Go get 'em Tiger.