1 Minute, 1 Month, 1 Year

I am the master of this one, so this has been a valuable learning curve for me too..

Hands up if you are a worrier! My hand is up.  When you have something on your mind, and it's like a gremlin running around in your head, and you build it up, and make it really shiny, and make it even bigger.... stop and think about this, is  anyone going to give a stuff about it in a years time? Will you even remember what you were worrying about in a years time? Most likely not.

Having crowded thoughts in your head is pretty much ideal conditions for not being able to concentrate properly, affect your sleep, and give you a funny furrow between your eyebrows... bollocks to that!

I was sitting on the train coming in to work yesterday doing all of the above, worrying about how a situation would turn out.  It's funny how our best dreams and worst nightmares start with 'What if...?' 

I made a big grown up decision to take my foot off the peddle, be kind to myself, and have an amazing day, and guess what?  I had amazing day, and that situation that I decided to try and add arms and legs to? I got the BEST possible outcome, even better than I imagined.

I rest my case.