All change!

Change is in the air!  Autumn is rolling in, now it's October.  The light gets a little more golden in the afternoon at this time of the year, and Scotland can really show off if she chooses to,  if you take to the hills.

Change is good.  Changing wardrobes (i've got this jumper from Zara that I love digging out), changes in decor for your home, making things cosy for the nights drawing in, changes in diet too, what feeds me during the summer months doesn't quite cut it when this time of year comes about.

Conversations that I am used to having at this time of the year both with friends and clients, revolve around job hunting, moving house, taking stock of life, and saying no to some things that had previously warranted a yes!  Saying no makes room for a big fat 'yes' to happen somewhere else in life.

Here's what I have been up to for the past 2 days

  • Dug out my slow cooker

  • Bought a big thick gloopy moisturiser for my face

  • Ran a 10k in Glasgow

  • Joined a trail running group

  • Looked out cosy blankets for the sofa

  • Made time for myself today and not planned anything socially so I could sit and catch up with paperwork and write

  • Started thinking about what I want to say YES to more of in my life!

Enjoy the change.  Its all good.