New things!

When it comes to looking after yourself and fitting in more movement, what obstacles do you have to overcome?  Is it time? Is it unfamiliarity? Is it fear of something new? Is it just getting out the door, or maybe getting someone else out the door to join you?

Here is what I know for sure.  I am 50 this year. Everything I do NOW affects my future self, and I want to be in the best possible shape for anything that could happen.

What ONE new thing could you start this week?

Ideally, it’s something that makes you feel good about yourself.

This week I have managed one new thing, and one thing I haven’t done in a while.

I did a spin class on Sunday, and I’m still here to tell the tale! I heard the instructor say that there were spaces available so I just thought ‘sod it’ and went for it!

Last night I went back to running club for the first time since before Christmas.  I haven’t been going as much as I have been home in Aberdeen a lot more, and also, I am fair weather runner! Once upon a time I would out in sleet and hail, but not any more.  

I motivated myself to go to running club by putting my gear on at 4pm.  We meet at 630pm, but it put me in the mindset to get out the door! Sometimes that’s all that’s needed.

I have many clients who mention that when it comes to fitting in more movement to their day, they feel time poor.  I totally get that. Driving to the gym, working out, driving back, and that’s 2 hours of your evening or morning gone.  My go to is to do a home workout. A website I love is Fitness Blender (look them up on YouTube!), you can do HIIT workouts, body weight workouts, Tabata, Yoga, there’s heaps! Another one I love, if you are not fan of jumping around is a Barre based workout with Davina McCall called Tone in 10.  I swear, doing 3 sections of that DVD is harder for me than rattling out a 10k run.

Whatever your obstacles are, here are some ideas that may help you.

  1. Recognise where you are possibly leaking time. Do you spend a lot of time on your phone when you could be doing just 20 minutes of anything? Digital detox anyone?

  2. Keep your workout clothes ready to go, and in pile for you to fling on when you get in the door, or up first thing in the morning. For the last year, I have been on a total Marie Kondo thing, and yes it really does take time and effort to sort everything out, but I cannot begin to tell you how joyful it really is to have all my T shirts and leggings sorted in a neat stack, rather than just jammed into a drawer. Once you make it a habit it’s just bloody brilliant.

  3. If all else fails, just work on your step count. My phone has a step count on it, so it’s made me more aware of how many steps I get in during my day, and to try and keep it up, even on top of my weights workouts.

  4. Day one or one day. Just get out the door, or ask a chum to do an activity with you to make sure that you both do!

  5. Think about how to get more water into your day. What I have started doing recently is keeping a bottle of water (reusable bottle!) beside my bed, about 500ml. it’s room temperature which I prefer when I wake up, and I take a couple of minutes to down it when I wake up, and set my intentions for the day. it’s a great start when I have been sleeping and wake up dehydrated!

Think about that ONE thing that you could try this week, and if you keep doing it, it becomes a habit!

I spoke to a friend before writing this, and he has had a busy day, so he is winding his way home and going out for long walk to clear his head.  Its just a great way of unwinding after sitting at a desk all day.

As I mentioned earlier in this post, I’m 50 this year, and I have never felt better physically or mentally.  I have got this far without any serious illness, and I intend to be in the best shape that I can to take life by the lapels.

Have a think about your day.  How good was it? How could you make it better? Could you think of it differently tomorrow? How about getting up 10 minutes earlier so you’re not in a mad rush in the morning?  How about smiling at that person you work with that you think annoys you? See what happens. How about being the person on the train NOT wearing their headphones and staring at their phone?  How about bigging yourself up and punching your fist in the air when you have a great outcome? Go on. I dare you.

Thinking more positively about yourself could be your ONE thing you do new this week and that is a cracking way to start.