A short introduction to me doing Yoga...

As a busy massage therapist based at The Glasgow Treatment Rooms, I can meet clients who wish to tackle anything from acute pain, to how to just de-stress and relax, as well as improve their posture.

A question I am often asked also is ‘What’s the best type of exercise to do?’, my answer is always ‘Whatever you are willing to do that you enjoy!’

Currently my jam is weight training and also HIIT (high intensity interval training – a common one is 40 seconds on 10 seconds off, then you go again!), which I love.  Very recently I have dipped my toe in the yoga pool again and I am really enjoying it.  Previously, my challenge had always been to find a class I enjoyed that was scheduled regularly that I could attend.  Found it!  Once a week you’ll find me at The Zen Den under the instruction of Kyle Gray, doing Ashtanga Yoga.  A client of mine suggested it to me first and my initial thought was ‘That’s the one Madonna does… I’ll never manage’.  Not so!  Like all good teachers the moves are modified so that everyone can get to variation of the pose, and if you do it often enough you’ll see a progression.  I was quite impressed with myself in so much as I didn’t feel like I ahd been hit by a small car the day afterwards which I was fully expecting.  

Here’s a biggie that I heard the other night… ‘Yoga is 1% knowledge and 99% practice’.  Wise words that can be applied to many areas of life.

What I am really getting out of it is 90 minutes of concentrating on nothing else other than Kyles voice, and not falling over, the confidence I am gaining in ‘ooh I can get myself into that position and hang out quite happily for a while’, and that rush of blood feeling that you get when your limbs go all tingly as the blood rushes around them. As mentioned before, I love my weight training but felt that I needed to add more flexibility to my week with time dedicated to it instead of just the odd pose in front of the TV…

We know the best of the best at The Glasgow Treatment Rooms, and are happy to give recommendations.  My ‘go to’ yoga gang are…

Kyle  at The Zen Den

Colette at Infinity Yoga

Angela at Cloud 9 

Osteoporosis is quite prevalent in the female line of my family, so that’s another reason to stick at it, that, and the fact that everyone woman I know over the age of 50 who does some form of yoga looks absolutely amazing.  Yes please, I’ll have a side order of that.