How to keep chipper when it's cold and miserable outside!

Oh Crikey.  I've felt this way since December or so.  I wake up and I have no idea what time it is.  It's dark in the morning, it's dark during the day, and then Jungle Dark descends (Billy Connolly joke, 'WTF happened to twilight?)

So I got to thinking about what could be done to lift the spirits up, and get some positivity back... Here goes...

  1. Take a vitamin D supplement!  Living in Scotland, it’s pretty well documented that we don't enjoy as many sunshine hours, I have a bottle of this is the cupboard and remember to take it every now and again... Also, unless it’s torrential rain, try to get outside during daylight hours, even if its only for 20 minutes.  In the Northern hemisphere it’s getting lighter by 3 minutes every day. Take advantage of it!

  2. Find your energy leak! - This is a good one,  have a think. Whats the one thing that you dread each day?  Is it being late? Is it the mad rush in the morning, maybe it’s a person? Is it not getting enough sleep?  We've all got one big thing that we can do to improve our day. Mine is going to bed early, and having everything organised for the next day.  

  3. Be grateful.  Today I was grateful for a cosy house, and warm boots to put on, and coffee in the jar.  Ding Dong. We are in a world where every time I see 'Breaking News' I think 'Oh feck what now'.... taking a step back and realising all the amazing things around us, even the rain (it releases positive ions into the air).  

  4. Exercise!  I often get asked, 'what's the best exercise to do?', my answer always is, whatever you are willing to do!  Walking and talking with a chum is amazing and I have many friends that I can hijack for the day and have catchups.  Or, if you are time poor, one of my favourite go to websites is fitness where you can do everything from yoga, pilates, or up the ante with a HIIT workout.

  5. Enjoy creative unproductive time.  Reading a book, writing, painting, singing.  Knock yourself out.

Make your own list!

Love, Elizabeth