In praise of the low impact workout

So anyway... as well as being a massage therapist, I kind of see my place in the world as being the kind of person who makes the mistakes, so you don't have to, or in this case, come across an absolute golden nugget, and feel the need to pass it on!

As I get older, my body has gone through a few changes.  Living life is like baking a cake. You get used to the same recipe, you know it works, you know the outcome.  This much exercise, not that kind of exercise, this much water, that much sleep, this kind of food.

Then one day, you go through the recipe and it doesn't turn out the way it always has.

And ladies and gentlemen welcome to the stage, Menopause!

I managed to type that word, without putting a swear word in front of it.


Up until about a year or so ago, I was all about the high intensity workouts to pair with my beloved weight training, then all of a sudden, 2 stone in weight piled on, sweating for no apparent reason, self esteem through the floor.  The recipe had gone Pete Tong.

I will write more on how exactly I have tackled the changes in my body another time, but for now, lets just say that I have a bit of Davina McCall crush.  Davina is 50, and a complete fox, and I thought, right. I want some of that. What does she do to keep in shape. Cue the fabulous Toned in 10 DVD. I swear, this is more challenging than rattling out a 10K run.

The DVD is in 10 sections of 10 minutes, and the idea is that you ALWAYS do the warm up, then mix and match however many sections you can add to it.  It literally has been a lifesaver over my snowcation downtime when we all got snowed in, in Glasgow recently. My house is also super clean because of this! Also a huge bonus if you feel that you are time poor and can't get to the gym.  I did the warm up and 2 other sections today in my jammies!

Anyway, it's mostly low impact, barre and pilates work, and I am just loving it.  I'm recommending it to all my lady clients. So much so that I have sourced out a Pilates teacher too and am going to my first class tomorrow! (Monday 5th March).  I'll keep you posted.

Rethink how you are getting in shape folks, it’s all about finding what works for you as an individual, and this works for me.  I weight train twice a week, run whenever I can (fair weather runner), and now I have replaced HIIT workouts with this.

You may think, boring, doing the same DVD every week, but the thing that I love about it is, the more you practice, the better and stronger you become at it, and I can really see my progression over the last 3 week.  I don't have to stop as much. I'm sure my neighbours are getting sick of hearing it though. The sound proofing at my place is crap.

Get involved!  Let me know what you think!  

I'll write more later on my menopausal madness.  

In best ever health