Best of the Best....

So, I'm a big believer that your surroundings affect how you feel.  Getting up to an untidy kitchen... not fun.  Coming home knowing that the flat is a mess...nope I don't like that. Going into my wardrobe and being confused (this counts for men too!).  This has been my new thing this month.  Having a tidy, organised environment.  I have started with my wardrobe, and anything that I haven't worn in the last year goes out, either to recycling, or charity.  It's definitely a first world problem, having too much of everything.  I live a very blessed life, and if there is anything I don't use anymore, I'm passing it on.  Handbags, dresses, make up I have never used.  Pass it on and make someone else's day.

The only thing that I have an absolute tonne of that I feel I have no control over, is the amount of tupperware I have.  If anyone can explain the tuppeware explosion that happens in my cupboards when i'm not looking, that would be great.  

Having a tidy environment and knowing exactly what you have, and exactly where it is, makes me feel less stressed, and very organised, and everything in the morning just seems to flow a lot faster.  Give it a go.  Only have what you really really want, or really really need in your life.  

Let me know how you get on!