A Bee in my Bonnet

October is all about being kind to yourself I feel. We are about to go through a season change, clocks go back at the end of the month, a wee chill in the air, time to get cooried doon and think about how to look after ourselves in the winter months so that we emerge next spring like John Travolta at a dance class. Ding dong.

Hands up who skips breakfast? Come on, let me see those hands up. It's ok, whatever works for you... but here is some food for thought. How much concentration do you need to do your job? Do you ever hit a slump mid morning and think you need a sugar fix... are you eating breakfast? I am a mine of useless information.... here's an example. Your brain takes up 1/50 of your body, but it wants 1/5 of everything you eat and drink. So, what happens if you have been sleeping all night get up and don't nourish or hydrate... your body then starts hanging onto everything that you do eat, because it doesn't know when it'll get its next hit! Crazy huh? The less you eat, the more weight you put on... crikey.

Be kind to yourself, make the small change first thing in the morning, if not having enough time is the excuse, get up earlier! 

The nagging is free. 

In best health Elizabeth x