And Breathe...

Whatever you are doing, including about to read this... stop and take 5 deep breaths.

Here's what has just happened in your body, Venus (no oxygen) blood has been taken into the right side of your heart, which then fires it onto the lungs to pick up oxygen and become arterial blood (bright red), then the left side of the heart fires it all around the body.

Think of this process happening on average 100, 000 times a day... amazing.  All this stuff going on in your body that just happens without you having to really think about it.  The body is one amazing piece of engineering. World class.  Sometimes we just need a cheeky wee reminder to give it an MOT to make sure everything is firing on all thrusters.  Breathing is so so important, sounds daft huh? But, really really give it some thought at how you are using your lungs, what they do, and how much happier the brain is at getting more oxygen.

It's no coincidence that everyone I know that practices yoga, looks fantastic, has a bright complexion.

If you are a corporate athlete and desk bound for most of the day, try setting a timer for every 2 hours to take 5 deep breaths..

Let me know how you get on!

In best ever health