Getting what you want, what you really really want...

So!  This month, I have been very aware of how quickly society expects to get a reaction these days.  Fast responses to text messages, emails, phone calls.  Society at large has got used to everything happening immediately, and when did we start freaking out about now having a Wifi connection? Wow.

This whole subject has got me thinking about, the way we all react to certain thing with regard to our body, and a slight infatuation with footballers legs.  In particular, Cristiano Ronaldo.  I have heard stories about how, when a new player joined the Real Madrid team, he decided to turn up early to training, 2 hours early, and Ronaldo was already there.  In fact, it didn't matter how early the other guy turned up, Ronaldo was already there.  Now there's man who knows what he wants and knows how to get it.  Practice.  Apparently there is a football suspended in the air at the Real Madrid stadium, at a height that Ronaldo scored a header from, and he's the only one who can reach it.  

This skill did not take place in one week, or one  month, but over a period of years has been honed to having explosive energy jumping up, like no other.  That takes dedication.  It's not immediate.  

Here is something else to think about.  The Beatles were apparently crap before they went to Germany and played 100 shows in a row. Lets here it for starting off somewhere and ending up where you want to be, in any area of your life. Put the work in people!  Every day  I have to remember this too, I'm not 'there', but I'm loving where its going so far.

The biggest thing that Ronaldo says helps his career and training? Guess what it is? Sleep.  

You better not be reading this after 11pm.... 

Be fabulous.

Elizabeth x