Make It Happen...

Opposites attract.

Trevor is my ideal mentor and colleague.  He is the guy who gets things done.  So imagine the headspin I got when, starting the conversation of maintenance and changes I'd like done to my therapy room yesterday morning (26th March), and we are talking big stuff, moving a heater, moving a mirror, the re wiring that needs to take place.  Big stuff! Trevor said, 'What are you doing tonight after work?'  My reaction...EEEEK!.  Here I am thinking about change and here is someone right in front of me, saying Lets Make it Happen. 

No one in their right mind can ever turn that down.

Heater, mirror and coat hook moved and re hung, holes in the wall, I'm thinking its ok I can live with holes for a couple of days.  Nope.  Trevor is out with the polyfilla.  Then the paint.  OMG.

40 minutes later the transformation is complete.  40 minutes!

This is something I had been thinking about since Christmas time, and it took less than an hour.  

is there anything going on in your world that is a quick fix? Whether its a task like mine, or a conversation, or a card that needs to get sent to that friend you have't spoken to in a while.

Enjoy the moment.