A Quick Note About Posture, and logos on T shirts.

I get asked quite regularly for advice about posture, particularly if sitting at a desk all day. I'll try to keep this brief! (This is my take on it)

Sitting is the new smoking.  If your work involves sitting for long periods of time, your back neck and shoulders are not going to be too happy about that, and they'll let you know!  I always encourage people to do the exact opposite of what their work life involves, for at least 30 minutes a day.  An 'anchor' that I give my clients is that if they are sitting watching TV and adverts come on, drop down onto the floor and so some simple stretches.  By the end of the evening you may have done 40 minutes!

Planning in exercise to your day is also another way to help, if its in the diary, you have to do it! If it also involves meeting a friend, social responsibility is a great motivator! 

It's not really what you do at work that is going to make a massive difference, it's what you do when you are NOT working  that is the biggy! Here's another one.  Walk around as if you are showing off a logo on a T shirt!  This one is from my weights coach Paul, and it came about after the osteopath I work next to, saw me nipping out to the shops, and did an impression on me walking, stooped forward with my back side sticking out.  Not.  Attractive.  It's difficult though huh?  Scotland can be so cold sometimes I find myself instinctively curling up against the cold!  The logo on T shirt principle is something I have been doing for the last couple of years now, and it really makes such a difference.  Sometimes I still have to check myself, especially when I have my rucksack on going to work, but what a massive difference it makes.

So, in short.

Get some movement into your day, warm up for work!  Even if it is sitting for long periods of time!

Logo on T shirt principle.

Visit your massage therapist regularly (come on I had to get it in here somewhere! Did I also mention it can help with concentration?)

Simple advice that your back, neck, and shoulders will thank you for.