5 Minutes with Scott Devennay

Tell us what you do...

 My job is to coach people to move better. I’ve found that it doesn’t matter what your training goal is, whether you want to gain, muscle, lose weight or learn to do a backflip having greater movement skills will get you to that goal with much greater ease.

What 3 things would you get people to do every day to improve their health?

  1. Show up when you don’t feel like it. This happens a lot where life gets in the way and you feel too tired and drained to train. Show up, do a little bit and if things aren’t going well then quit. But show up first, some of my best training sessions have happened during days where I nearly didn’t bother.

  2. Fail at something. One of most important aspects of developing new skills, movements or fitness (or anything for that matter) is to try something you can’t do fail and learn from your mistakes and then conquer. 

  3. Adopt a movement lifestyle, squat instead sitting when you can, take the stairs two at a time. Walk around more and if the feeling takes you, try to kick up into a handstand. 

What is the most common reason people seek you out?

 Right now it seems to be pain that brings in most of my business. I understand that this is because most people don’t realise just how important their movement is to them until it’s taken away but I also think this is a shame as the benefits of movement training for someone who just wants to explore what their body is capable of can really open up some fantastic training sessions whereas pain and injury kind of limit what I am capable of doing. 

What do you like to do when not working?

In my spare time I play football, I like to play playstation when I get a chance, and I’d say read but I only really like to read fitness/movement related stuff so I’m not sure that counts as spare time. 

Tell us something that no one else knows...

I have just applied to be on next years Ninja Warrior UK, training starts next week :-)