When you seriously can't be bothered...

It happens to us all.

The alarm clock goes off, hit the snooze button.  About 5 times.

You go through a bit of crisis and feel overwhelmed, and think possibly, whats the point?

This discussion came about with a friend when we  were talking about his lack of gym attendance when once upon a time, he visit about 4 times a week.  He's not feeling too good about himself right now, you have to be careful not to sound too preachy when someone is in that situation.  I find it a challenge!

What I asked him to think about was, fast forward to how good you feel afterwards.  Done and dusted. You've got your 30/45 minutes for the day done a dusted.

Exercise is part of my weeks routine so I literally go round the bend if I don't get the chance to gie it laldy at least every day.

A good example of that this week was on Monday night.  Couldn't be bothered going to running club. Went to running club.  Felt amazing afterwards. It was a track session, 2 degrees outside and my nose went bright red, but we managed 12 laps.  I had a running buddy and when finished the 11th lap she asked if I wanted to finish up and I said 'hello no!' 3 more minutes of running and we had 12 laps in the bag.

She thanked me afterwards for the extra push.  I love being in that other role of helping someone do something when they think they don't have anything else in the tank.

When was the last time you felt like that?  I've got nothing left to give. Or so you think.

Get out there.  Do anything. Push up challenge, squat challenge, dance off in your living room.

I'm digging putting Christine and the Queens on at the moment and just going for it having a dance off round the flat.