I'm writing a blog and I DO have time for it.

Do you ever wonder where your day has gone?

This is something that I have to tackle every day.

Being self employed I have to be disciplined and just get things done. A few years ago I figured out that the more organised I am, the less stressed I am. What about you?

I’m not suggesting that AAALL our time should be tracked, but during the working week I think its a brilliant idea. I also know that if I can’t do something because its not my area of expertise, the pay someone else to do it. For example, I have an accountant (Hi Simon and Bruce) and I have a brilliant web and social media helper outer (Hi Briony!). These people put processes in place to help me run things better day to day.

However I do find myself from time to time, wasting time on my phone looking at Instagram, I love it but I do think it’s possible to have too much of a good thing! And another one is TV. I have found myself actively looking for stuff to watch when really, I could be spending my time better. I recently made the decision to ditch the Sky TV because I also have Netflix and Amazon Prime (Who doesn’t love a prompt delivery!). I just got to thinking about why I was spending so much money on entertaining myself when, step out, there’s loads more to be getting on with.

There is a Youtuber that love called Marie Forleo, and she was interviewing a person called Laura Vanderkam, and boy oh boy did things really hit home for me, and its given me the direction I was looking for.

It does sound really easy managing your time but in a corporate environment, I wonder how many times people get interrupted because they are working in an open plan office, or called into meetings (not productive), or distracted by their own phone.

A really great question that Laura asks is, could you find 7 hours this week to train for an Iron Man? Most people would say eh nope! I don’t have time for that! Think about the last time you had an emergency, dare i say it, your car breaks down, or your washing machine starts leaking. You HAVE to deal with it, it needs action, did you have the time? You bet you did! You wanted and needed to sort it out so it got done.

I’m making the big effort to scrap the words ‘I need to…’ from daily life.

I suppose the big thing here is, can we make time for what is important? Whats important to you? My fitness is important to me, so every day, I am scheduling in 60 minutes for so (sometimes its less, depends what video I click on!) for Yoga. It’s important to me, I make time happen for it. This blog is important to me, I’m making time for it.

I have put a link up to Laura’s website, if you feel its something that could help you, dig in.

My next blog will be me talking about WHY I have ditched the gym membership for a while and I am doing yoga every day.

Get involved ! Tell me what you think.

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