How to be ROUTINELY happy. (Give it a whirl...)

I originally started this as a Facebook post but I think there’s room for this idea to stretch its legs as bit. Here is an idea to put your wellbeing front and centre in your day, and start it off differently.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Instead of picking up your phone, why not set your intention in new way.

The post has been inspired by a conversation about developing good habits to reduce stress.

Symptoms of physical stress can be, but are not limited to:
fuzzy head
feeling cold and clammy
possible high blood pressure

Here is 3 minutes to set up your day

swing your feet over the side of the bed
Groan (oh thats just me)
set a timer for 2 minutes (Alexa....)
inhale for a count of 4
exhale for a count of 6 (Yes you read that right)
repeat for 2 minutes.

When the timer stops go and get a glass of water, or hot water and lemon to drink, then go about your day and get the coffee pot on.

Do this for a week, including the weekends, and notice what you notice.

Sound good?

Having good habits is such a great thing to have in your day/week. Sometimes you can massive resistance against doing something that could end up being quite good for you. An example of this could be meditation. I am utter crap at it, I have given it my best shot and although it sounds good, eh nope. However, I have found other things that kind of put me in a meditative space where all I am concentrating on in my breathing.

Recently, I have ditched the gym membership and have taken up doing yoga every day. The time I set aside for this is about 30/40 mins a day, and I swear it just flies by! It’s not for everyone but I am really enjoying it and my sleep has got so much better because of all the deep breathing I am doing, and because I do it every day, I can see progression in my moves. Sounds like I am blowing my own trumpet here, but the point I am making is that it has become a good habit for me.

What are you doing for you?

Examples of areas you may want to develop a good routine in are:

Mornings (See the bit above for my idea)

Being at work: what could you do to limit distractions (This includes politely telling colleagues that you are in your zone and to catch up later)

Bedtime routine: Do you power down and switch everything off? Do you have kids you have to negotiate with to go to bed so you can get ‘you’ time or even time with your partner? Do you organise everything the night before to give yourself a less stressful time in the morning?

Be effortless in everything you do.


In best health