How often should you get a massage?

The Physiological Effects of Monthly Massages

Sure, it feels great to pop in and see a massage therapist every now and then. It’s a great way to pamper yourself and relieve stress during a particularly crazy time. Self-compassion and the idea of splurging on yourself for once, otherwise known as “Treat Yo-Self,” means that it’s actually really great for you to spend a little time on self-care.

However, have you considered regular, monthly massage appointments, just for 3 months in a row?  Besides having one day set aside each month, to treat yourself with a relaxing spa session, you will actually start to see some physiological effects of regular massages as well.  

Here are a few short-term, and long-term ways you may start to notice your monthly self-care trip is benefiting your health.

After Three Months of Routine Visits to Your Massage Therapist:

Lowered Anxiety and Stress Levels: Even after your first massage, you will start to notice that you feel more relaxed, which can be a major plus if you suffer from stress and anxiety. When our bodies experience stress, we tend to tense up our muscles, which leaves our bodies feeling fatigued and sore. 

Just one massage helps loosen up these muscles, increase blood flow, and lower stress and anxiety. 

Reduced Chronic Back Pain: If you are suffering from the debilitating problems associated with chronic back pain, you know how much it can cut into your daily routine and leave you feeling frustrated, in addition to the pain you’re already experiencing. 

A study found that after 10 weeks of regular massage, people experiencing chronic back pain felt less discomfort, and even needed fewer painkillers to manage their symptoms. Cut down on the number of trips to your medicine cabinet with regular trips to see your massage therapist.

I took particular delight recently when a client updated me, that after just one visit, she hadn’t taken any more painkillers for her neck discomfort.  I was over the moon for her!

Help with Insomnia: Massages increase your serotonin levels, which aides in your ability to fall asleep, and stay asleep. You may find yourself relying on sleeping pills to get some shuteye, which nobody wants to have to take. 

Unlike other sleep aids which can be harmful or addictive, you’ll experience no negative side effects from a massage, and you’ll find yourself able to fall asleep a little easier - especially after an evening massage.

Other additional health benefits are lower blood pressure, better and deeper sleep, and for me, I have an easier time making decisions!  It must really helps to clear my head.

If you haven’t been to visit either me, or your own massage therapist for a while, think about how amazing you felt after your last visit!

If a client is not dealing with an injury or reduced range of motion, my suggestions is, a couple of massage treatments close together, then think about getting in between 3 and 4 visits a year to keep match fit, and in the arena.