Types of Massage

What type of massage do you need?

I have tension in my neck and shoulders and feel like there are knots
Sports/Remedial massage is the best choice if you feel this way. I will do a consultation with you to establish where the problem is, and how you want to feel after your massage. It does go a whole lot deeper but I will not work beyond your tolerance level.

I have an injury or work related pain
Book in for a Sports/Remedial Massage. This massage is very specific and if you have an injury, or decreased mobility that is all we will concentrate on.

I have neck and back pain
During your consultation I will help you work out why have pain, and help you make positive steps to overcome it. Sports/Remedial Massage works best here. After your massage, I will advise on active after care, and if need be, refer you to trusted specialist if the problem proves to be more dysfunctional than just muscle pain.

I just want to relax and de stress
Choose from Swedish or Hot Stones Massage for a full body treatment, or Reflexology for a calming, balancing experience. Please read the descriptions in full on the Treatments page.

I have never had a massage before
Book in for a Swedish Massage. Every massage is bespoke. The pressure is different for every client, but if you book in for Swedish I know that there are no deep seated problems and you just want to relax.

Swedish Massage

Stress does different damage to all of us. Some of us suffer from locked necks and tight shoulders, others complain of tummy upsets or congested skin, and sometimes headaches or fatigue. The massage starts with a consultation to establish how you are feeling, and how you would like to feel after your massage, and using the right blend of pressure paired with where to concentrate on, I create a bespoke massage. I guarantee you will float around for days afterwards!

swedish massage

Hot Stones Massage

Hot Stone Massage is, quite frankly, fabulous! I use Basalt stones which have great heat retention quality. The heat from the stones transfers to my hands, and I then massage the client. Once the stones have cooled down slightly I can then begin to massage the client with the stones which gives a much deeper all over movement than just using my hand.

The benefits of the Hot Stone Massage are relaxation, de stressing, warming, and ease muscle tension. I integrate Hot Stone Massage with Swedish/Deep Tissue moves and the end result is a very warm feeling from the core, a great treatment any time of the year but particularly during the winter months.

I do have a thorough consultation with the client prior to this treatment as there are some contraindications where this treatment would not be ideal, for example, high blood pressure, or during pregnancy


Reflexology is also known as Reflex Zone Therapy and is based on the body being divided into ten equal, vertical zones in which are incorporated all the organs of the head and trunk by imaginary lines drawn through the head, trunk and feet. This division is what the therapist works on through the related zones of the feet. Reflexology is ideal for relaxation, de stressing, promoting balance within a person, and also deep sense of relaxation.


My Future Proofing Facial Massage

My facial massage is a regeneration massage integrating methods from Japanese, and Indian Facial Massage, and also using acupressure points on the face to drain away toxins from the skin, and can help clear your sinuses too. It can help to boost your lympathic system also (that’s where your immune lives) so its just a fantastic pick me up!

It’s like a gym workout for your face.

It is a wonderfully relaxing treatment to receive, and clients particularly enjoy the head and neck massage that is incorporated in this treatment.

Just as doing squats in the gym will lift and tone other muscles, exercising the muscles in your face will lift and tone your cheekbones, eyes, brows, and mouth. The result? Your face looks five years younger, skin looks plumped up, and a bit more vibrant.

The massage starts with a neck and shoulder treatment, because getting a back massage is ALWAYS the best bit about coming to see someone like me! I use acupressure to release tension in the facial muscles, then a series of fast yet gentle strokes to manipulate the tiny muscles that define the contours of your face.

I don’t do cleanse, tone, etc. I leave that to the professional facialists. What I concentrate on are the muscles in your face, and toning them up. This is something I am really into doing for myself, and I really do see a difference in the texture and tone of my skin, as well as keeping definition in my cheekbones and jawline.

It’s a great pre party fix if you want to help your skin look its super duper best.

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