Helping a client with shoulder pain...

I just wanted to thank you for the massage on Saturday. My shoulder has been feeling a lot less tense then usual so I am getting a lot of benefit from what you did. it was great to speak to a therapist with an understanding of anatomy. Thanks for all your help. K Crines, Glasgow

Pregnancy Massage Testimonial...

....I'm just sitting and cannot express how much better my back feel after today! You are a superstar! Thank you so much! N Faulds, Glasgow

Training for Hamburg Marathon

Hi Elizabeth, thank you so much my my massage today. I feel like the proverbial millions $s!! Now looking forward to my run tomorrow and to next weeks marathon! Cheers! D. Paton, Glasgow

Helping out a busy professional lady...

Elizabeth is incredible! Have been suffering with neck pain for three months and she sorted me out this afternoon - I can actually turn my head now! She recommended some good pillows to buy (which I did, they're inexpensive too) and was just brilliant, friendly and really informative. I can't wait to come back, thank you. T Koslowski, Glasgow

Helping out a Crossfitter....

Hi Elizabeth, I got back to weightlifting yesterday. I did the exercises that you suggested along with the ones I had been doing previously. There is no noticeable discomfort doing snatch however I'm still to try clean and jerk! Thank you for sorting out my injury woes! I'll be sure to pop in again sometime soon and send anyone I know your way! N Kenneth, Glasgow

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