Kinds words from a client that I am helping recover from a palsy

Elizabeth really is the most marvelous massage and reflexology therapist. She seems to know instinctively exactly what your body needs. Elizabeth has used her skills and expertise to help me greatly on many occasions and I recommend her to you wholeheartedly. M Trivasse, Glasgow

Lovely text message from a client after easing tension in the face, focusing on the jaw.

Hi Elizabeth This might sounds weird but my jaw feels like it is floating on air! Hasn't felt this good in God knows how long. You're a star! J Chittick, Glasgow

A lovely email from a client after I had a stern word with her lower back pain.

Just to let you know that the pain in my back has almost fully gone and normal sleep pattern has resumed 😜. My legs are still a bit sore but they are also easing. Thanks sooo much for everything (pain included). D Cassidy (Not David), Glasgow

Pregnancy Massage!

Dear Elizabeth, Thank you so much for my lovely massage today. I cannot believe how much better my pregnant pelvis & left gluteal muscles feel after only one session. You are an absolute wizard . Keep doing what you're doing as you're amazing. Kindest thanks, C Maguire. Glasgow

As if by magic! A lovely review after a deep tissue facial massage

Hi Elizabeth, I had to write to you because this morning I looked in the mirror and my face/skin actually looked good/different and I was confused. I was trying to figure out what I had done or put on it. I was going through everything in my head to retrace the steps and understand why it looked different, then I realised it must have been your face massage/facial. It sounds cheesy, like those too good to be true adverts, but I am in genuine disbelief! I couldn't sleep till 5 am last night, so today when I got up I was just glancing in the mirror...then had a double take! You're magic! J Unicorn

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